• Testing and more testing; only in this way we will ensure that there are no changes in the longevity of our paints. All painted surfaces are tested under extreme exposure to cold, heat, water and the sun. This allows Condoroil Chemical to develop paints with dedicated resins, that can withstand harsh, humid and rainy climates. Our premier line of paints developed at Condoroil remains unaffected by extreme environmental conditions. Wherever you are the solution is clear.

  • The production program allows Condoroil Chemical to guarantee on time delivery, while meeting the quality specifications and requirements. The storage of concentrated and semi- finished products allow us to realize more than a thousand colors and variations in shades, finishes, etc. and to quickly manage delivery of large or small quantities, as required by the customer. An advanced system of semi-automatic dosing of components significantly speeds up the production processes up to final packing and dispatch.

  • An infinite number of quality and performance nuances that remains unchanged over time. Condoroil Chemical produces brilliant, durable paints that are not affected by the UV radiation. All paints are submitted to accelerated testing for 1000 and 2000 hours of exposure in UV chambers. These tests are critical for the construction industry where the color and performance of a high quality product must remain unchanged over time.

  • It is well known how difficult it is to identify good products for the coil industry. A film of coating must quickly form on the surface that meets all the quality and technical performance requirements, sometimes in ovens a few meters long. The films must be homogeneous, solid, and adherent. It must also resist corrosion, bending, and abrasion. After decades of weathering and ultraviolet radiation it must maintain color brilliance, chemical, and physical properties that meet very stringent requirements.

  • Thanks to Condoroil Chemical in-house research laboratories progress through innovation and experimentation is a daily occurrence. New formulations open the way to many new products. The research activity is mainly directed towards improvements in the abrasion resistance, self-cleaning, mold and fungi resistance as well as the aesthetics and functional finishing of products. We are particularly proud of our single formulation Pre-treatment Primer that would combine several pretreatment coating steps together for high value products.

  • We pay particular attention to the specifications and requirements of major manufacturers of sheet metals and panels used in construction industry for applications such as sheds, rooves, gutters, shading, blinds, window frames, etc. We also apply rigorous adherence to the requirements of the leading producers of home appliances, computers, DVD, HiFi, shelves and lighting. Although, Condoroil Paints will meet the requirements of most users of sheet metal products, we have the capability of customizing our products for specific performance requirements.

  • Paints developed by Condoroil Chemical are suitable for many substrates including carbon steel, hot dip galvanized steel, aluminum, aluminum alloys and stainless steel, as well as substrates pretreated by any conventional or nanotechnology processes suggested by chemical producers. Also suitable for use on ovens used in annealing technologies such as convection, IR and NIR ovens. Continuous research in our laboratories aims to improve our paints to meet the requirements of new demands in the industry.

  • We could not afford to fail this! We test our paints for perfect bonding to surfaces after they are subjected to repeated bending. These severe tests include bending the painted plates to 360° then subjecting them to tear with special ribbons, or the Erichsen Cupping Test which provides a pressure of a piston on the painted surface to verify and confirm complete paint adhesion to the metal surface in extreme bending or embossing of the metal. Furthermore, micro hardness testing confirms a complete polymerization of the balance of the components, homogeneity, and uniformity of the resin.

  • It was not enough to give you a safe, reliable, and technologically advanced product. We wanted to deliver products that have a full guarantee for their quality and performance. That’s why we certify it. Thorough research during the development of the products, and rigorous controls throughout the production process, gives Condoroil Chemical the confidence to guarantee our quality and performance. We would like you to select Condoroil as your partner for all your future needs in the complex and fascinating field of coil coating.


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